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Alexander David Nybo

Great stay

Lisätty 13.9.2017 Hotelsn sivustolla
Great stay - probably best place in town.
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Thank you!
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Great location and food

Lisätty 28.10.2016 Hotelsn sivustolla
The guesthouse (yes, it is more a guest house than a hotel) was really well located close to the hiking treks in the areas. Of its kind in the areas it was probably on of the nicer and pricier places to stay in the area, but the service was good and the food even better. Although limited English was spoken amongst the staff (low season...) it was sufficient for me to get the information that I needed. The room I had was spacious and with a private bathroom (need to pay extra for that). All in all a bitr more expence I would think than some of the other places in the same area, but also a notch up I would think.
Gladys lähtöpaikka: Dubai

Heavens gate

Lisätty 28.9.2015 Hotelsn sivustolla
I had such an amazing time in zvaneti, but it wouldn't have been the same if weren't for the staff of the Grand hotel Ushba. If you're looking to feel one with nature. .to reconnect with mother earth and experience life at it's best..Go to Zvaneti. .if you're looking for the feeling of being home away from home..go to Grand Hotel Ushba.. I highly recommend this place to people who have the desire to know what it's truly like to live.
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– Kaikki
Vahvistettu matkustaja lähtöpaikka: Leuven, Belgium

Wonderfull location, paper walls

Lisätty 15.8.2014
Hyvät puolet: Location, staff, restaurant
Huonot puolet: Noise isolation, at least the walls.
As written already many times the location af the hotel is superb. At least in the room in wich we stayed is was impossible to have a decent sleep. Only between 01.00 an 06.00 AM it was quiet - as it is anywhere. We heard everything: footsteps on the wooden floor, laughing and talking in the restaurant, we even undertstood what people were saying in the next room. There was a shared bathroom - no problem about it - but is was not mentioned that it is one floor downstairs. Compared with any other room we slept in Georgia, we found it expensive.
Rupmit lähtöpaikka: Shropshire

Fantastic location

Lisätty 21.7.2014 Hotelsn sivustolla
Very clean with fresh bedding. Beautifully presented food and service, while simple and rustic. Achingly beautiful setting with basic simple hotel amenities. Perfect. Very romantic.
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– Kaikki
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Excellent place.

Lisätty 30.8.2013
Hyvät puolet: everything is perfect the place to stay in Georgia.
Huonot puolet: Phonic isolation of the room Off road to go the the Hotel. Very poor road signs to access the hotel.
Sijainti: hikes in the valley and mountains
Mazeri is a very quiet village deep inside in a valley. Much nicer than Mestia which is very touristic. Grand Ushba Hotel is in the middle of nowhere and it is so good to feel alone in the mountains. Staff is very very nice and helpful. Nice walks possible in the valley and in the mountains. View from the hotel is fantastic : wonderful view on the Ushba mount. Food is excellent (breakfast and dinner) and as french we know what good food is. Rooms are charming but cleaning is not done every day. Rooms can be slightly noisy if the hotel is fully booked (6 rooms in a wooden chalet with 3 floors). Each room has a terrasse with the view on Mount Ushba. We were in Ushba hotel in summer, might be cold in winter into the chalet because isolation is so so (no seals on the windows and doors). To be checked because large heaters are installed in the room. Usha Grand Hotel is a place to be. We spent there 2 nights and it was not enough. We had a wonderful time in Grand Ushba hotel, very romantic moment.
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– Kaikki
MER lähtöpaikka: USA

Unsurpassed mountain tranquility

Lisätty 12.8.2013
Hyvät puolet: Isolation, Mountain setting, Simple decor, Comfy bedding, Excellent Food and Wine
Huonot puolet: Ventilation in bathroom would help
Sijainti: The hotel provides a list of hiking routes and non hiking activites
Ideal for those that seek the simple beauty of mountains, glaciers, the freshest air in a mountain refuge style. The staff are friendly, helpful and attentive. The food is delicious but simple reflecting the tastes and style of the region. I only wish had a longer stay.