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4,8 Huoneen siisteys
4,8 Palvelu ja henkilökunta
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Vahvistettu matkustaja lähtöpaikka: China

Lisätty 12.2.2019
It was just a basic simple base for me to go camel trekking from the next day. Nothing fancy but it is very reasonably priced and has friendly staff. Good value for money.
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9.3.2019, Auberge Africa, Hotellin johto
Thank you for your review!
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Lisätty 12.2.2019
It was just a basic simple base to go camel trekking from.
Kommentin lähettäjä: Hotellin johto
3.4.2019, Auberge Africa, Hotellin johto
Thank you very much for your review. Indeed Auberge Africa is a good base for camel trekking, but also a nice hotel just closed to the dunes!
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Lisätty 11.4.2018 Hotelsn sivustolla
Clean and quiet, good breakfast and 5-star service!
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17.4.2018, Auberge Africa, Hotellin johto
Thanks a lot for your nice review!
Europe Africa 2017 lähtöpaikka: from Singapore

Europe Africa 2017

Lisätty 4.3.2017 Hotelsn sivustolla
Perfect. The host, Yusof was very friendly and reliable. He even made an effort to arrange for a free kick up when we arrived late at night.

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Vahvistettu matkustaja

awesome hotel

Lisätty 25.9.2016 Hotelsn sivustolla
the people at hotel were wonderful hosts..breaky was when we wanted it..clean rooms and bathroom..bedroom was warm at nite..some rooms had screens and others didnt..i would totally stay here again..went up onto roof to watch sunrise..or you can go out to the desert to watch it..great hotel..warm feeling of getting away from it all here..wonderful place
Fernando Pereira lähtöpaikka: Brazil

awesome experience.

Lisätty 5.4.2016 Hotelsn sivustolla
It's a simple hotel located by the dunes of Sahara. U may have shared room, private or the tent. I've chosen the tent and loved. great food, great experience e what an hospitality. if u choose for what is great and simple at the same time, this is your place.
Adriana lähtöpaikka: London

Amazing place

Lisätty 6.1.2016 Hotelsn sivustolla
The owner is a sweetheart! We loved this place. He helped us with all our touristic camel ride, desert dinner etc! BReakfast was great! the room was very big and nice. We arrived with our motorcycle and he kept it safe while we were travelling in the desert! He was an amazing company to have too! We would love to come back!!