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Lisätty 5.10.2017 Hotelsn sivustolla
Carpet was very dirty. Bathroom very small and very dated
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Better to sleep rough

Lisätty 30.9.2017 Hotelsn sivustolla
This is without doubt the dirtiest place I have ever had the misfortune of staying out, dirty walls, dirty toilet, dirty shower and burns on the walls, no mirror in bathroom cuz it had been ripped off and a huge hole in the wall in the bathroom were it had been kicked in... only stayed cuz I could not afford anywhere else, it is over priced what ever ypu pay.... stay in a park its cleaner
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Worse hotel ever

Lisätty 28.9.2017
Worse hotel I ever seen.. wouldn't recommend anyone to go there..
Vahvistettu matkustaja lähtöpaikka: wigan

Worst stay ever

Lisätty 17.9.2017
More like a hostel worst hotel I've ever bin. Booked for 4 nights only stayed 3 left day early rather than stay. Needed to get home for a sleep because there was no chance sleeping there.
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Travel Inn

Lisätty 13.8.2017 Hotelsn sivustolla
The 2 people we met who worked in reception were friendly and helpful. Unfortunately, that's where the good points end. The morning of the booking I received an email saying the card machine was broken and I'd need to bring cash (no dramas) but then also telling me if I didn't acknowledge the email the booking may be cancelled! Not a great start... The room smelled of stale smoke. The second bed in the room was so squeezed in you could barely open the bathroom door. The room was dirty... the floors were grubby and the carpet ripped, there were small splatters (I don't even want to know what of) on the wall and there were stains on the mattress showing through the sheets (we put the towels under the sheets... at least the towels seemed to be clean). The other guests were noisy until about 1am, and the walls seemed very thin... this combined with an old and lumpy mattress didn't lead to the best night's sleep. There's a reason this is a very cheap hotel... it's terrible.
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Hotel Stay

Lisätty 10.8.2017
Hyvät puolet: Nothing
Huonot puolet: Everything needs to be improved/updated. Rooms far too small. Bathroom./shower room like a cupboard, could hardly move.
Sijainti: Not far from Excel and tube links good.
This is the worst hotel I have ever stayed at. It is in serious need of updating. Rooms were clean enough but the stay was dreadful. Got about 2 hours sleep all night. A couple downstairs were arguing for hours and then the room next door to ours started having a party. You also have to pay a parking fee after you have paid a considerable amount to actually stay there. However the staff did waiver this which was good of them.
Tinashe lähtöpaikka: Essex

Worst Hotel ever

Lisätty 8.8.2017 Hotelsn sivustolla
Pathetic Hotel ......doesn't deserve to be called a hotel. How it's a licensed hotel really baffles me. This place must be shut down completely
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Lisätty 7.8.2017 Hotelsn sivustolla
Had to wait several minutes to check in as no one on front desk when we arrived (no bell!) Room was reasonably clean although smelt of cigarettes (smoking area outside room).
Vahvistettu matkustaja lähtöpaikka: hampshire

very tired hotel with a leaky roof

Lisätty 31.7.2017
Hyvät puolet: cheap, near to Olympic park. they seemed to have made an effort to ensure the bathroom and linen were clean
Huonot puolet: The hotel is very tired. It really needs to be completely refurbished but I doubt it would be worth doing it.
Sijainti: the hotel is 10 minutes walk from the shops and restaurants on stratford high street.
The room was fairly basic as you would expect for a budget hotel. The shower was good and although the bathroom was small it was clean. The bedlinen seemed clean and as we were only staying one night before leaving early in the morning it was all we needed. however at 3:00 a.m. we were woken by the fire alarm going off. The lights had fused because there was water pouring in from our ceiling through the fire alarm. fortunately there was someone on reception who moved us to another room which was at least dry. However we did see a number of buckets in the hallways catching water from other leaks in the building. There was a puddle of water at the doorway to our new room but we were too tired to complain and went to sleep. we left early the next morning to do the prudential ridelondon and surrey 100 mile cycle more tired than when we arrived. I would advise anyone thinking of using this hotel to avoid it.