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Arvosana 5 - Loistava. 37 kautta 130 arvostelua
5–Loistava 28%
Arvosana 4 - Hyvä. 61 kautta 130 arvostelua
4–Hyvä 47%
Arvosana 3 - OK. 20 kautta 130 arvostelua
3–OK 15%
Arvosana 2 - Huono. 8 kautta 130 arvostelua
2–Huono 6%
Arvosana 1 - Hirveä. 4 kautta 130 arvostelua
1–Hirveä 3%




Henkilökunta ja palvelu




Majoitusliikkeen kunto ja tilat

5/5 – Loistava

Hyvää: Siisteys, henkilökunta ja palvelu, palvelut/mukavuudet ja majoitusliikkeen kunto ja tilat
Nice place to stay, plenty of coffee, breakfast was good, the carpark is a bit tight,
Yöpyi 2 yötä elokuussa 2021

5/5 – Loistava

Matkusti ryhmän kanssa, Matkusti kumppanin kanssa
Hyvää: Siisteys ja henkilökunta ja palvelu
The property is a beautiful old building which is impressive from the outside. However it is a little tired and worn and would benefit from a lick of paint and some crockery and cutlery that matches.
Yöpyi 1 yön heinäkuussa 2021

4/5 – Hyvä

Matkusti ryhmän kanssa
Hyvää: Siisteys ja henkilökunta ja palvelu
The hotel history, the building and the street it stands in are beautiful. Parking is a limited and will hold around 6 or 7 cars. The rooms are clean and tidy, tea and coffee making range of supplies and quantities are second to none. The maid service was good. Breakfast was excellent and the bar in the evening offered good prices but limited range. The desk isn't really staffed and there is no in room guidance for services fire escapes etc. The hotel is looking tired but I believe is value for money and I would use it again.
Yöpyi 2 yötä kesäkuussa 2021

1/5 – Hirveä

Matkusti perheen kanssa
Huonoa: Siisteys, henkilökunta ja palvelu, palvelut/mukavuudet ja majoitusliikkeen kunto ja tilat
Disgusting hotel. Took 20 minutes for the mm to answer the door, then got grunted at by a woman who was furious that she had guests to deal with. Really rude! Got to the bedroom and booked another hotel immediately. Within 5 minutes we had left the building due to the dirt in the bedroom, floaters in the toilet and a very shabby room. Massive brown stain on the mattress and doors were very thin. Absolutely vile place. Couldn’t breathe properly due to the dirt and dust. No extra cleaning due to covid obviously as the amount of dust proves it’s not been cleaned properly for years. Left the hotel itching and coughing. Wiped our feet on way out to protect the environment.
Yöpyi 1 yön kesäkuussa 2021

4/5 – Hyvä

Hyvää: Siisteys, henkilökunta ja palvelu, majoitusliikkeen kunto ja tilat ja huoneen mukavuus
Review Sir William Fox hotel
Good value hotel in a pleasant area. Very good home made breakfast. Deco a little dated and could do with decorating.
Yöpyi 5 yötä toukokuussa 2021