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Tilan tiedot

6 makuuhuonetta, 3 kylpyhuonetta, 17 vuodepaikkaa
449 m²
Makuuhuone 1
    2 yhden hengen sänkyä
Makuuhuone 2
    1 suuri parisänky
    1 kerrossänky
    2 yhden hengen sänkyä
Makuuhuone 3
    1 keskisuuri parisänky
Makuuhuone 4
    1 suuri parisänky
Makuuhuone 5
    1 suuri parisänky
Makuuhuone 6
    1 kerrossänky
Kylpyhuone 1
Kylpyhuone 2
Kylpyhuone 3
Arvosana 5 - Loistava. 25 kautta 34 arvostelua
5–Loistava 74%
Arvosana 4 - Hyvä. 6 kautta 34 arvostelua
4–Hyvä 18%
Arvosana 3 - OK. 1 kautta 34 arvostelua
3–OK 3%
Arvosana 2 - Huono. 1 kautta 34 arvostelua
2–Huono 3%
Arvosana 1 - Hirveä. 1 kautta 34 arvostelua
1–Hirveä 3%

5/5 – Loistava

Holiday vacation
We returned to Rose Lake Lodge for our second year in a row for the week between Christmas and New Years. We are a family group of 16 and there was plenty of room for all of us. The Master Suite is amazing !! The kids loved being upstairs in the loft. The nice big dining room table was great for meals. Of course the hot tub was a hit--especially while the snow was falling !! We had 15 inches of snowfall while we were there which made for some epic sledding right outside the cabin. 3 trips were made to nearby Silver Mountain for skiing and tubing. A nice fire in the main floor fireplace (one of 3) was very cozy on the winter evenings. The large family room with 3 couches had room for all of us while opening presents or playing charades. Hartley was very responsive to any questions I had and he even arranged a snowplow for us if needed after the big snowfall. We certainly hope to return again to our "Christmas cabin" as the kids call it.

2/5 – Huono

So disappointing
At it’s best it could be a nice, quirky cabin. It was clean and there’s a great view. But there are certain expectations we had from the listing description, and from our experiences at other rentals, that were not met whatsoever. ⁃ It’s advertised as having 6 bedrooms. There are only two actual private bedrooms with closets. In the basement there are three “bedrooms” but it is really a closet within a room within another room. The loft area has 5 beds and no walls to make it a separate room. It overlooks the kitchen and family room, so anyone staying in those 5 beds is going to have a hard time sleeping before everyone else in the house goes to sleep or after anyone in the house wakes up. - There is no heating system, only A/C. There is a wood-burning fireplace and a few space heaters built into the walls of certain rooms. It gets COLD. And it is difficult to keep warm. - There is WiFi but it is extremely slow, so basically useless. - The TV is very outdated. No smart TV or any of those capabilities. No HDMI ports. - There is no guestbook to explain things, like how the heaters work and where they are located. - There is a washer and dryer but no detergent or dryer sheets. There also wasn’t shampoo or conditioner although they did have a few bars of soap. - We found large spiders on the beds and near them. A little pest control would go a long way. - There is a key used to enter and no key pad, so not the best security. - And lastly, the owner is terrible to work with. He was very unhelpful and even accusatory of us. If we said there were any problems he tried to make it seem as if it were our fault and not his. Extremely unprofessional and immature. So if you have a party of 20 and only 4 people want privacy then the property will work—as long as everyone is also ok sharing one old TV outside of the master bedroom, and at the same time not having internet on their phones. If that doesn’t sound like it’s worth the nightly fee to you, then I’d look elsewhere. Really wish I could leave a better review, but our experience was quite negative and we were extremely disappointed.

3/5 – OK

Just not what we expected.
Let me start by saying it is a wonderful location and the access to the dock was great. We went with our close group of friends for my husbands birthday and they regularly went down to the dock to fish. The layout is not couple/family friendly. The master bedroom is great. The other rooms are not. Technically there are three “rooms”. There is one huge master, then a loft with a king bed, two twin beds and a bunk bed all sharing the same area with no doors or barriers, the other bedroom is on the main level with two separate twin beds, the last technical one is down in the basement with a door, but inside the basement which is used as the fifth room. The sixth “room” is a converted closet inside the other bedroom with a not to code window. We were very disappointed with the layout with how expensive the house was. Especially since I asked what the layout was prior to arriving and was told “the pictures show the beds”. There is tape holding together something on the counters in the kitchen. The ice machine does not work, so make sure to bring ice. There are very large spiders in the living room and basement rooms and bathroom. No garbage bags were left for use so luckily we brought our own. There are not enough towels for the 20 people it sleeps. Not enough toilet paper was left. There were several light bulbs out. Dead bugs everywhere. Hot tub wasn’t available to us the first day because the water was changed day of arrival. The internet is awful, so if you’re planning on working or communicating with anyone, you won’t be able to. The TVs in the home are very old. We brought our Apple TV to hook up but we couldn’t because of the cables needed. And lastly, there was weed left by another party and I’m not sure how it was missed and/or not picked up. Overall, just not worth the money for our trip. So sorry to leave this review.

5/5 – Loistava

House are very clean, easy to find and not to far from everything.

5/5 – Loistava

Great Mountain Adventure
We stayed at Rose Lake Lodge for a mountain biking trip at Silver Mountain Resort and surrounding areas. The property was an excellent location! All communications and expectations were fantastic. I would highly recommend and would definitely return.