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3,3 / 5
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3,5 Huoneen siisteys
3,7 Palvelu ja henkilökunta
3,2 Huoneen mukavuus
3,2 Hotellin kunto
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Tämä matkailija antoi vain arvosanan Lisätty 12.8.2018
Vahvistettu matkustaja

Lisätty 5.3.2018
Sehr freundliches und hilfsbereites Personal. Nach Filterkaffee zum sehr englischen Frühstück muss gefragt werden. Sehr ruhig, etwas abgelegen. Vergleichsweise schlichter Standard, etwas tüdelige Einrichtung.

Tämä matkailija antoi vain arvosanan Lisätty 26.9.2017 Hotelsn sivustolla
Vahvistettu matkustaja lähtöpaikka: Schweiz

Nie wieder!!! vom Personal beklaut worden!

Lisätty 4.10.2016 Hotelsn sivustolla
Khunedi lähtöpaikka: Nelspruit

Horrible place

Lisätty 30.8.2016 Hotelsn sivustolla
I booked this place not expecting anything more than a three star and indeed the place did not disappoint. The room was advertised as executive but it was way below average. It was more of a backpacker. The furniture is old, the floor is neither tiled nor carpeted (it was a cement floor). The room has this 1982 bed with a very old mattress.The shower was not working properly. I must say the people were very friendly and the Wifi was on point.
Diane lähtöpaikka: Port Alfred

Lisätty 29.8.2016 Hotelsn sivustolla
The room was dilapidated and freezing cold Food was not good
Kurt lähtöpaikka: Los Angeles

A Swazi welcome awaits you

Lisätty 2.8.2016 Hotelsn sivustolla
Very nice guesthouse. One the main road between Mbabane and Elzuwini Valley. Excellent breakfast. What is most impressive is the staff. They are incredibly nice and very helpful. Can't emphasize this enough. Fantastic staff with excellent service.
JOSEPH lähtöpaikka: Dar es Salaam Tanzania

winter nights

Lisätty 5.7.2016 Hotelsn sivustolla
my stay was great, but Had problem during night time as that was the only time I spent in the room,the whole day i spent at work. the problem I faced at night was the cold, the was only one heating system and is located far from the bed, it hardly could warm the air between it and the bed
Vahvistettu matkustaja

Great Service

Lisätty 17.4.2016 Hotelsn sivustolla
It was great. WiFi signal strength can be improved.
Jabulani lähtöpaikka: Barberton

Lisätty 30.12.2015 Hotelsn sivustolla
Enjoyable stay. The owner should invest in improving the facility e.g. swimming pool