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Tämä matkailija antoi vain arvosanan Lisätty 8.1.2018 Hotelsn sivustolla
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Skygg unna dette hotellet

Lisätty 20.12.2016 Hotelsn sivustolla
Resepsjonistene eide ikke snev av service minded, På grunn av manglende bekreftelse fra var de bade uvennlige og ikke villige til å se løsninger.

Tämä matkailija antoi vain arvosanan Lisätty 1.3.2016 Hotelsn sivustolla
Vahvistettu matkustaja lähtöpaikka: Melbourne

Expect unexpected

Lisätty 24.1.2016
Hyvät puolet: clean, functional, generally well designed room,
Huonot puolet: review administration, train or employ competent staff, add a proper light near the mirror so guests can recognise their faces...
Sijainti: could not recognise major attractions, but there are some shops in the area and walking distance to activities near Walking street
The hotel staff do not appear they know what they are doing. I booked hotel for two nights but upon arrival the staff appeared they could not find my reservation, then I was told my booking was for one night only. On the following day I got a call in my room to move out...
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الفندق ليس علي ما يرام

Lisätty 4.1.2016 Hotelsn sivustolla
مستوي الفندق غير لائق
Waldemar lähtöpaikka: Melbourne Australia

got a great room at a short notice

Lisätty 20.11.2015 Hotelsn sivustolla
I was somehow disappointed that on arrival staff was unable to identify me by my name but I admitt making reservation only a couple of hours earlier... however in the morning I was nicely surprised by a 'wake up' knock at the door at reasonable 30 minutes before check out time. A real drawback is that the hotel cannot issue more than one electronic access card per room.
subrmanian lähtöpaikka: chennai india

when u book any booking frist u confrim with hotel

Lisätty 3.8.2015 Hotelsn sivustolla
i book 10 room from hotel .com but hotel will give 8 rooms only frist thay denay no room in the the name of side no food availabe 2nd rescption behaivour also not last thay give 8 rooms and than we book 2 more rooms in high rate and after talk with hotel manager mr.cristphore thay allow more 2 booking the time of chk out we delay in one room for 3 hours thay take half more charges.staf is not co oprative.and talking way in rescptionist given to much prob to cutsomer.

styr unna dette

Lisätty 6.7.2015 Hotelsn sivustolla
lite hjelp og få i info og mye styr for og få rom selv med bok nr og pass var ikke bra nok

Tämä matkailija antoi vain arvosanan Lisätty 8.4.2015 Hotelsn sivustolla
Vahvistettu matkustaja lähtöpaikka: hyderabad

Close to walking street and India restaurants.

Lisätty 9.2.2015
This hotel has a good potential but not maintained well by the management, the hotel staff is not friendly at all. Donot expect a warm welcome or any thing as such. It only provides you shelter. One positive thing thing is it has Indian hotels near by mostly serves Punjabi dishes.Punjabi tadka is the best food restaurant to eat in we really enjoyed the food there. The hotel is overly priced for the service you get. You need water you have to walk to nearest super market, but donot expect the hotel to provide you. It is suggested to carry water while entering hotel. Finish your lunch or dinner out side and while walking. Back to hotel buy some 2 liter water bottle so you donot have to relay on hotel till next morning.